Adam Fitzgerald — Cover Letter, Resume & References

Michigan-native Adam Fitzgerald on the Isle of Skye (in the Highlands of Northern Scotland) in the U.K. — near where he lived in Edinburgh & attained his CELTA from Cambridge University in 2018.


CELTA (Cambridge) certified educator, editor, and entrepreneur with 13+ years of experience. Founder of Underflow Records & Shady Groves.
(248) 409 8699

Fitzgerald has led many public speaking events, seminars, and teacher training sessions in addition to his consultancy work in Education & Editing.

Adam Fitzgerald is a Cambirdge-certified teacher, writer, musician, editor, tutor, journalist — with 13+ years of professional teaching experience in multiple countries.


CELTA (Cambridge) certified educator and editor with 13+ years of experience writing, editing, copywriting, and teaching all ages, languages and cultures in the US, UK, and internationally online. Wayne State University graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: Major in English, Minor in Communications; completed student teaching through WSU’s College of Education. Maintains advanced skills in writing, editing, public speaking, teaching, teamwork, language training, tutoring, networking and communications. Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs; SEO certified. English language specialist, also functional in Spanish. Has 13+ years of experience writing and editing published media. Holds ability to lead group discussions on a wide range of topics, connect with students and coworkers using interpersonal communication skills. Led seminars as an Administrative Consultant to educate local administrative staffs and school boards on how to better connect with students, parents and the local community using tools such as social media and interpersonal communication, Designed and implemented social media campaigns for North Branch Area Schools, Michigan. Retains experience with social media marketing and writing in various formats. Authored a front-page story on the cover of 70,000+ newspapers across Michigan in August of 2015.

In addition to being an educator, musician & editor, Fitzgerald is also a writer & journalist — having authored a front-page story on the cover of 70,000+ newspapers across Michigan in August of 2015 & a running column across three different weekly newspapers.

Cover Letter:

To whom this may concern:

As you will see in my resume, I have been a proponent of language, the written and spoken word, the arts, and all things educational since a young age. My life has centered around teaching, editing, music, books, writing, reading, and creating. Professionally I have been working with printed and published media for over 15 years and education for over 13.

Originally commencing my higher education journey in 2008, I have now been teaching for over 13 years, with experience educating all ages, cultures, creeds, and nationalities at all difficulty levels to all class sizes with students from around the world. My own education path has led me across the globe and in addition to my dual degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, I also have my CELTA (TEFL/ TESOL) from Cambridge University.

I have built my career using my English skills since graduating from Wayne State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2014. In addition to my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in English, I also minored in Communications and studied at WSU’s College of Education. I finished my student teaching at Wayne State’s College of Education, majoring in English & Secondary Education, before moving on to the College of Liberal Arts.

I became CELTA Certified through Cambridge University via the British Study Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2018, after moving to the United Kingdom from the United States. I retain the right to work in the U.K. & the U.S. In addition to my work teaching through companies like Global Language Training, their European division Global English, CoreConnect, The Oxford Method, BlingABC and others, I have also continued my work as an editor for three weekly papers published by the View Newspaper Group in Lapeer County, Michigan, where I used to work as a reporter, journalist, proofreader and columnist.

Working as a language instructor, a tutor, a teacher, a reporter, a copywriter and an editor has given me experience that has made me confident and comfortable with various duties. I work well with deadlines and I can finish a lot of writing in a short amount of time. I retain experience with social media, marketing and online writing, including everything from emails to blogs and newsletters.

I have also led seminars both online for “teacher teaching training” and in-person as an administrative consultant to educate the administrative staff of North Branch School District (in Lapeer County, Michigan) on how to better connect with students, parents and the local community using tools such as social media and interpersonal communication. As part of my consultancy work, I designed and implemented a successful social media campaign for North Branch Schools, their different teams, and community program initiatives.

I have been the head writer and editor of copy for real estate, finance, insurance, development firms, construction companies and more for a small marketing group. I have spent several years teaching at various institutions whilst also writing for several weekly papers. I enjoy presenting ideas to a team and working with others.

I have experience writing for an audience and implementing strategies by leading meetings and initiatives. I am a great listener, an active employee and I prioritize time management. I also work well independently; I consider myself a disciplined writer who readily accepts any challenge and I strive to produce top quality writings. My interpersonal communications have helped me succeed through years of varied work.

My work has been featured in several publications, in addition to my work in the music industry. I founded my own international label and brand Underflow Records which I manage alongside my band Shady Groves. In 2015 I authored a front-page story that was on the cover of over 70,000 newspapers across Michigan.

As evident from the image below, I have been featured as an exemplary “model” educator for my company Global Language Training (GLT), in addition to speaking at many events on the vital importance of education over the years in the U.S., U.K. and E.U.

I have included links to several articles I have written over the years.
This link leads to a piece I wrote about Education being the foundation of society:

This is another piece I wrote, detailing my teaching experiences:

This is a column I wrote about respect, and how vital it is in and out of classrooms:

More Links to samples of my work:

Thank you for your time and consideration.
I can be reached at

Best regards,
Adam Fitzgerald

A life-long lover of education



  • Leads multiple creative teams as well as composing stories, columns, articles, interviews and copy for three weekly papers for The View Newspaper Group — including The County Press and Lapeer Area View — Authored front page story on the cover of 70,000+ newspapers in Michigan in August of 2015
  • Proofreads and edits three different newspapers each week; provides photographs to run alongside all articles contributed and others
  • Travels frequently to conduct interviews and make regular contact with prominent citizens, businesses, charity organizations, schools, civil servants and local community leaders
  • Invited to speak publicly several times at schools, education panels and board meetings on the vital importance of education within society


  • ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor, teaching online through Global English — the European-based counterpart company connected to Global Language Training in the USA
  • Responsible for maintaining regular contact with and designing lessons for over 70 adult students, all employees for different divisions of Intesa Sanpaolo, a major banking group in Italy
  • Conducts weekly half-hour long lessons via Skype with students from all over Italy, working on developing grammar skills, expanding vocabulary by examining current event news articles and idioms, plus regular practice reading, writing and holding a conversation in English


  • ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor, teaching online through BlingABC — the Beijing-based online English education company that connects teachers to learners from around China
  • Responsible for teaching Chinese English-learners through an online teaching portal called ClassIn — groups ranging from 3 students to 15, up to 4 different hour-long sessions each day
  • Teaches using a virtual classroom that allows teacher to interact with and evaluate students


  • Independent contract ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, instructor and tutor for Global LT (Global Language Training) students throughout Metro Detroit, MI, for immigrants new to the United States (typically employees of GM, Chrysler, Valeo, Continental, and more)
  • Leads individual and group lessons, traveling between students’ homes and places of business to teach English language lessons pertaining to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, speaking, listening and understanding both conversational and business English


  • Provided and edited copy for various advertising campaigns and industry types, including commercial real estate, international insurance companies, design firms, and more
  • Worked with team of account executives and designers to deliver fully functional websites
  • Drafted proposals for marketing meetings, client contracts, and more
  • Provided complete social media networking, marketing and newsletters for clients


  • Led seminars to educate the administrative staff on how to better connect with students, parents and the local community using tools such as social media and interpersonal communication
  • Designed and implemented a social media campaign for all North Branch Area Schools


  • Worked as a substitute teacher for all grades K-12 in addition to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to adults from all over the world throughout Metro Detroit
  • Worked as long-term History and English teacher at Ferndale Middle & High Schools, responsible for lesson plans and materials for 6–7 classrooms of up to 35 students each day, plus out of class responsibilities such as grading and parent-teacher conferences for all students
  • Taught at countless schools throughout Michigan, including schools in Ferndale, Royal Oak, Lapeer, Oak Park, Detroit, Pleasant Ridge, Eastpointe, Dryden, Oxford, Metamora and more
Adam hiking with his wife Jessica Fitzgerald on their honeymoon in Ireland, a favorite travel spot.



B.F.A. in English & Communications from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Cambridge CELTA Certification (Certification in English Language Teaching to Adults)

• Advanced skills: teaching, leadership, writing, editing, social media networking, tutoring and marketing

• Professional experience: public speaking, teaching, tutoring, journalism and interpersonal communication

Adam Fitzgerald | Email:

Adam is a vegan who likes to focus on experience-based learning — this is from horseback riding Ireland.

References for Adam W. Fitzgerald:

Katherine “Katy” Ruiz — (F.K.A. Katy Hoover)
(My coordinator, client consultant & coworker at Global Language Training)
248.786.0999 x 2118 |

Julie Lehner
(My Cambridge “teacher trainer” at British Study Centre in Edinburgh, UK)
+40 758 084 970

Renee Hoogland
(My Master’s Class Professor at Wayne State University)



Adam also offers music lessons to beginners: specifically those seeking guitar or bass guitar lessons.

Call or text Adam Fitzgerald at +1 (248) 409 8699

Adam Fitzgerald live with Shady Groves at “Whateverfest” in Detroit — an independent arts & music festival that Fitzgreald created & launched in 2011 — an event he still plays live at & DJs for.
Adam Fitzgerald is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Fitzgerald has founded many bands, writes his own songs, produces other artists and occasionally moonlights in other projects.

Because Adam has been playing for 15+ years plus (guitar, bass, acoustics, ukulele, mandolin, etc.) he offers lessons for beginner musicians seeking classes for guitar or bass lessons — these can be online or in person.

In addition — Adam also offers his skills, tastes & experiences as a DJ (contact for references & more information regarding wedding DJing) to provide the best music for different scenarios — if you are having a professional event, wedding, party or get together, Adam can provide whatever music is preferred to “fit the mood” for reasonable prices.
(For a sample mix / playlist from Adam click here.)

Adam ‘solo’ as “Quells” (pictured here in Edinburgh) & also releases music with his band Shady Groves. Fitzgerald created “Whateverfest” in Detroit & launched an independent collective & label: Underflow Records.

Click here to learn more about Shady Groves:

Shady Groves

Shady Groves live in Detroit / Hamtramck, Michigan

Underflow Records music is available on all streaming platforms:

Shady Groves live in Ferndale, Michigan
Shady Groves live at Chalk Walk Arts Festival in Bay City, Michigan
Adam & his wife, fellow writer, educator & editor — Jessica Fitzgerald — in the Mediterranean, between Italy & Greece, enjoying the sunset along the ocean & the isles.

To follow my wife, you can read her articles, recipes, health information & more on her website by clicking here.

Along the coast in North Berwick, Scotland, United Kingdom — before moving back to Michigan in late 2019.

Adam Fitzgerald is a writer and musician based in Michigan. He lives with his wife and two cats in the Grand Traverse Bay Area in Northerwest Michigan. Adam has worked as a teacher, a copywriter, an editor and a journalist. He is the founder of Underflow Records, Whateverfest, and a cofounder and primary songwriter in the Detroit indie rock band Shady Groves and he has produced music with several different projects and artists over the years. Adam is vegan and he likes to share his passion for art, education and cats with the world through his writing and teaching.




Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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