Early July Materials

The lemons at La Zagara — our new favorite restaurant on the isle of Capri in Italy
My wife & I enjoying a Grecian sunset from a balcony of our ridiculous American “Royal Carribean” cruise ship
Representing Detroit in Rome
My wife Jessica & I in Roma celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. We got rained on in Rome on our first day but we didn’t mind!
My grandmother, Patricia Fitzgerald, when she was 18 — both her & I have always really loved cats. She was the sweetest woman. My mother posted this photo online & said “‘Words, words. Never ending flow.’ Those were the words written next to my mom’s senior picture in her yearbook. The never ending flow stopped a few days ago and the silence is deafening. Mom loved and was loved. You can’t ask for much more. She loved people, but she might have loved animals more. She never met a dog or cat that she couldn’t befriend. Mom was a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me ….. she was just mom, and I loved her.”
At one of my favorite places in Scotland (or the entire UK for that matter) North Berwick — a small seaside town not too far from Edinburgh. My wife & I have loved living in the UK & exploring the EU, but we are returning to the US on July 26th. Lots of craziness in our lives right now, as you can imagine.




Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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