Final July Materials

Adam Fitzgerald
6 min readJul 25, 2019

We’re finally returning to the US. I might not miss the UK, but I’ll miss the EU

A Grecian sunset from our view aboard the cruise ship my wife & I travelled around the Mediterranean on

Hello Students,

I hope you are enjoying summer so far. My wife & I are returning to America this week, on July 26th we will leave Edinburgh, Scotland and return to Detroit, Michigan to reunite with our family and friends. Many of my students are finishing up classes, going on holiday or maybe just starting classes. I am unavailable for classes July 25th & 26th because of our big international overseas move, but classes will resume next Monday on July 29th.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact me anytime at my personal email or my work email OR if you need to cancel or reschedule any classes, please contact Global English — Only can help a learner to reschedule a session.

Thank you for your time and your dedication to learning English. Below I have included different materials so you can choose what interests you most to study with and help you learn English.

Here is a very exciting article about a breakthrough in Science -

Here is an article offering “practical ways to improve your confidence”

This article explains how people in India have been planting millions of trees

This is a fascinating article for those interested in science

Here is an interesting article about “trashy TV” (low quality / low class / non-educational television programs) hurt kids instead of helping them

Many are familiar with the Marvel’s famous character Iron Man and the actor who plays him- Robert Downey Jr. — he is actually a real humanitarian who is trying to help fix the problems on our planet with technology, just like the fictional character Tony Stark he has played for so long, but in real life.

The UK has a new prime minister — basically the British Trump. What are your thoughts on this?
Why does every “free” country in the world have leaders that are just as horrible as the “not free” countries?

This link below is for my students who want to learn English through cartoons OR for my students who have children who wish to learn English

For Grammar help I will always encourage you to keep this resource on hand

There’s many resources involving vocabulary, grammar, idioms & quotes

Here is an example of a helpful webpage from the website focusing on a very fickle & sometimes frustrating element of English grammar — VERB TENSES

A while back I shared information with my students about the recent archeological phenomenon in Turkey they are calling “Gobekli Tepe” — which is a truly fascinating mystery of history.

Here is a short clip of the intelligent archaeologist & writer Graham Hancock explaining a bit about Gobekli Tepe

Here is a really interesting clip from a famous podcast known as “The Joe Rogan Experience” where the wonderfully brilliant Dr. Graham Hancock explains Gobekli Tepe a bit & the debate surrounding it

If you are interested in history, archeology or ancient civilizations, here is another intersting clip from an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast with Graham Hancock

Recently there have been many new discoveries in the Amazon, which Graham Hancock is also very knowledgable about

Many of my students ask me for suggestions in regards to English language podcasts — many people listen to podcasts while driving or commuting to work, working out / exercising, falling asleep, traveling, etc.

I have found a few of the top rated podcasts that also videos on YouTube for anyone who is interested in additional English practice

This video recommends 8 different podcasts

This popular video teaches about conversational English

This video helps you “build your English confidence”

Because I’m a writer and teacher, I get a lot of questions about books — I wanted to share this article I wrote while working as a journalist that recommends one of my favorite books — a collection of short stories by science fiction author Ray Bradbury

For anyone interested in my writing, I talk a lot about the concept of “Give respect to get respect” otherwise known as “the golden rule” which means “treat others as you wish to be treated” — something I’m a big believer in

This is another article I wrote about the importance of sharing compliments

For music this week, I wanted to share an amazing indie (independent / underground) American musician from my home state of Michigan named Sufjan Stevens (pronounced Soof Yan Stevens) — over the years he has grown in popularity for his emotionally intense and vulnerable songwriting. For a while he planned to do a “50 states project” and record an entire album about each one of the states in the United States of America — of course he only ended up doing two states (Michigan & Illinoise) before he got bored and went on to make “regular” albums again. But luckily, he made an album about the state we both call home and it’s full of fascinating lyrics about lonely widows, over-worked fathers, confused children, beautiful nature up north, sad ghettos in the urban areas of Detroit, Flint & Pontiac and more. Here is a link to the whole album — hopefully you enjoy!

I encouraged you to check out some of his other music too, he has A LOT of music out there

His album “Seven Swans” is one of my favorite (“regular”) albums he’s made — here is one of my favorite songs by Sufjan Stevens -

Next week I will be living on American time, but our classes will resume as normal. It will be morning time for me, and afternoon/ evening for my students. I hope you have enjoyed the month of July — please feel free to contact me anytime if you need anything. Have a great weekend, I look forward to speaking next week!

Best regards,

Adam Fitzgerald