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A picture I snapped of Lake Huron from “the thumb” of the Lower Peninsula (“the mitten”) in Michigan when I was near Port Austin with my father
My wife Jessica & I recently visited Mackinac Island, an island with no cars between the Upper & Lower Peninsulas in Michigan where we live, near the Mackinac Bridge that connects the Peninsulas & “divides” Lake Michigan on the west from Lake Huron on the east (though obviously they are the same body of water)
There’s a lot of historical colonial era buildings on Mackinac Island — the Native Americans, the French & the English all had tenures on the Island before the Americans took it over
In order to get to the island you need to take a ferry boat across Lake Michigan / Lake Huron right near the Mackinac Bridge that connects the LP to the UP




Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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Adam Fitzgerald

Adam Fitzgerald

Writer // Editor // Teacher // Musician

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